My Pledge To YOU!

I Promise You....

I will always be HONEST with you.

I'll never be misleading or corrupt.

I will work hard every day as your Councilman for every resident.

I will never take this awesome position for granted.  

I will never ignore you, I will always listen to you and hear your concerns.  

If I don't have an answer to your questions, I'll learn the issue more and develop a way to solve it.

I will be a Councilman available to all the residents 24/7.  During the campaign and when in office please contact me anytime and I will respond.  Email:

Facebook: Patrick For Palo Alto

Twitter: @RickBooneNews

I will keep an open line of communication between the Council and the School Board, private schools and other cities, especially our neighbors.  I want us all working closely together.

With your help, I'll get to City Council, but this campaign won't stop.  I want residents more involved in local government.  I want to hold town halls every month.  Let's stay connected in person and on social media, I will be your seat on City Council, your voice!  

I work for you.

I will work with other Council Members and City Leaders to offer better city services while trimming the fat off budgets.

I will always make smart decisions after hearing from both sides of an issue.

I will always push to give residents the time they need to speak at Council meetings.

I will only fight for what the residents want.  The city belongs to YOU!

I can't wait to get started, I'm ready to be your next new Councilman.

My Platform


Serving YOU

Let's spend city money wisely, we must become more fiscally responsible. No more enormous city salaries.

We need to provide services residents need and lets never forget about our 4-legged friends. The Animal Shelter needs to be fully run by the city not out-sourced. 

The moment I'm sworn in, I want to look at every city project that many residents feel may need to be revamped and then I'll demand the change you want like the Ross Road project.

I want to push for putting all of the make-shift cell towers around town to be placed underground. I want all our neighborhoods to be the beautiful, not a place for unsafe eye-sores.

I want businesses to play a stronger financial role in our communities and take part in activities. One idea, businesses can donate computers to our shelter for the homeless use at any time, this will avoid the homeless having to spend the entire day at our libraries next to children.

I want rental protection, day one to make our neighborhoods stronger. No more month to month leases. We must ensure no renter is never freely evicted like my friends at Hotel President. We are a city with a heart, let's show it!


Our Mission

The Council needs to make decisions that make sense. I want smart government.  When one decision is approved, ensure it positively affects other city issues.  

When we solve traffic, let's make sure we solve affordable housing and city growth at the same time.   

Transportation and Traffic are my number one priorities we have to stop the traffic headaches that exist every day -  as we all know it's real!

I'm pushing for businesses to play a role in helping fund infrastructure and transportation rail projects, we have to work together to solve this problem.  We must work as a group to develop transportation solutions that will benefit us all.

We need to create a new resident advisory board for transportation to study the best options for expanding CalTrain.  We MUST ensure rail extensions are in the right place and never a harm or too close to children, families, or affecting your commute.

Affordable Housing is a must, but smart housing is even better.  

Here's what I mean.  Let's set realistic goals that we can meet for building more housing.   Let's push for new housing near transit hubs.  Let's offer rental credits for residents that choose not to own or drive a car, and additional options.   I want to hear more idea's from residents, I want you part of this process.

This while ensuring our office limits stay intact and well managed.  We love tech and we want the businesses here, so lets always ensure there's room for that next start-up that wants to launch in Palo Alto. 

Get Involved

With your help, I'll get to City Council, but this campaign won't stop.  I want residents more involved in local government.  I want to create a Junior City’s Council, made up of 10 young neighbors under 20 years old.  The Junior Council members would serve 1 year terms and would be appointed by the full elected council.  The Junior Council mission would be to ensure the city will also focus  on it’s younger citizens.  I also want to hold town halls every month.  Let's stay connected in person and on social media, I will be your seat on City Council, your voice!  I work for you.

About ME

Patrick Boone

I've had amazing success as a News Reporter/Anchor on TV networks and local for more than 25 years.

My last on-air assignment with a TV station brought me to the Bay Area where I covered many Palo Alto stories for the evening news.  

In addition to the Bay, I've worked all over the country in Sacramento, Washington, DC, and New York City.

But my career as a TV Journalist was never about me - everything I did was for everyone else, helping the next group of young journalist get in the door.  I've spent my entire career mentoring wannabe journalist in college and those on their first job, giving them the advice they need to reach their dreams.

I was born in Washington, DC in fact just a couple blocks from the White House.  At an early age, I joined my family by volunteering on a number of political campaigns.  One of the most memorable was Alex Williams for State's Attorney.  He was a lawyer who took a chance and ran for an office when many said he could never win, but with his determination, volunteers and the voters he was pulled to a win.

I had a front row seat seeing what can happen if you want to make a difference in someone's life,  

Volunteering on campaigns even sparked political energy in me.  At age 18, I considered a run for the State Assembly.  I came close to filing but decided to wait and go to college putting politics on the back burner until later in life.

We'll now its time.  I decided to step back from my TV career and fully focus on my fellow Palo Alto residents.  I want to dedicate every moment of my time to giving you the city you deserve.  

On City Council, I'll have only one boss - YOU the residents and voters!  I would be privileged to have your vote.